Beers & Sponsors

For all those Keswick Beer Festival fans who’d like to know one of our BIG SECRETS….

How do we go about choosing our Beers and Ciders??

The man who has this incredibly enviable task is Nigel our Chairman who not surprisingly keeps this job ALL to himself and he takes all year tasting and deciding.

So when Nigel eventually decided to interrupt his busy beer tasting schedule and give us an interview he (reluctantly) shared the following TOP SECRETS.

For beers I try create a balance of 2/3 of beers from local Cumbrian Beers and the other 1/3 from anywhere in the UK, so as to give some our our Cumbrians regulars who don’t get out much (like me) a chance to see what else is going on in the big wide world! There will always be a place for our most popular KBF favourite Cumbrian Ales such as Coniston Bluebird and Loweswater Gold (amongst others) and I also try and choose as many new local beers as possible.

Cider choices are far more difficult, I basically try and get any new ciders on the market to Keswick Beer Festival.

Of course I rigorously taste ALL the beers AND ciders and no you can’t see my tasting notes!

Thanks Nigel! Tough job but someone has to do it!

The most up-to-date list of beers and their sponsors for this year – 2018.

BreweryBeer nameABVDescriptionSponsor NameBusiness Name
ApplebyHaweswater Blonde3.6Gold, with a slightly citrus finishDavid Robinson Tribute
ApplebySenior Moment3.9Ruby, Fuggles and Kent Goldings make a truly English aleJanet Etherden / Beky WharmbyKeswick Holidays Ltd
BarngatesCat Nap3.6Well balanced, fruity with a hoppy aromaTessaTessa and Stuart Park
BarngatesCracker3.9Copper, malt and fruit lead to a dry finishCarole PeetKESWICK LAUNCH COMPANY LTD
BarngatesBrathay Gold4Gold, vibrant, hoppy and bittersweetKevin & Joe ApplebyAppleby Locksmiths
BarngatesTag Lag4.4Amber, spicy hoppy nose, malty to bitter endKate OultramThe Wainwright
BarngatesRed Bull Terrier4.8Deep ruby, dried fruit and spices throughoutPaul IrwinTyneIdols Tours
Bowness BayAmazon Amber3.8Hints of orange and spiced berriesPaul IrwinTyneIdols Tours
Bowness BaySwift Best3.8Caramel in colour and underlying taste with hops on topDan HolmesSykes Cottages
Bowness BaySwallow Gold3.9Gold, smooth floral hints of apricot, lime and peachJudith Fraser
Bowness BaySwan Blonde4Crisp with deliciously dry hoppinessRebecca Golesworthy
Bowness BaySwan Black4.6Black IPA, chocolate, grass and hopsRichard SowdenMan Vs Beer
Bowness BayTern IPA5Golden, crisp yet hops and caramel tastesSimon McManusThe McManni
Bowness BaySteamer IPA5.7Golden, NZ and US hops give gooseberry fruits with a smooth mouthfeelSimon HillCamping And Caravanning Club, Keswick.
Brack 'N' BrewAlfred's Golden Ale3.2Gold, balanced hoppiness with citrus and spiceAlan TaylorDream Team
Brack 'N' BrewBoathouse Blonde3.8Blonde, hoppy notes with hint of grapefruit, bitter but refreshing tasteAlan TaylorDream Team
Brack 'N' BrewRambling Bookkeeper Bitter4.1Mellow honey aroma, moderate hop bitterness with a sweet roast malt tasteDavid ThomasLakeland Rowing Club
Brack 'N' BrewThe Steamers Stout4.4Dark, rich notes of chocolate,caramel and dark fruitsMartha WinnBaines Wilson LLP
Brack 'N' BrewAira Force IPA5.95 hop varieties means this packs a punchDave Scorgie
CarlisleCarlisle Bell                        3.7Light and gluten free, easy drinkingAndrew Wusteman
CarlisleSpun Gold4.2Red gold and quite sweetRosie RemmerCalor
CarlisleFlaxen4.5Blonde and with hops in than you'd thinkDave Johns
CarlisleMagic Number4.5Trad English XB, caramel and toffee flavours  but lightly bitteredSharon Williamson
ConistonOliver's Light Ale3.4Light straw colour but demerara sugar and Goldings add interestEd Smith
ConistonBluebird3.6 Juicy malt and atart hops. Orange aroma from Challenger hopsMatthew Higham
ConistonBluebird XB4.2Floral hints, light malt tones and hoppy freshnessAnthony MurphyMurphys (NW) Ltd
ConistonOld Man Ale4.2Deep copper with complex flavours from roasted maltsNeal Derry
ConistonSpecial Oatmeal Stout4.5Oats,malts  create chocoffee mouth finished with hop bitternessJohn RobinsonInspired By The Sea
ConistonInfinity IPA6New generation IPA, Expect hops and more hopsKeith Gilroy
Cumbrian Legendary AlesEsthwaite Bitter3.8Gold, biscuit aroma, citrus atste and bitter finishChris Kirk
Cumbrian Legendary AlesLangdale4Orange flavours, grassy hops and citrus noseDavid W G WhippsHolmes & Hills LLP
Cumbrian Legendary AlesLoweswater Gold4.3Blonde, bursting with tropical flavoursChris SmithSmith Bros and Dixon
Cumbrian Legendary AlesAmerican Dry Hopped Pale4.5Pale but packed with US hop flavoursChris SmithSmith Bros and Dixon
Cumbrian Legendary AlesAmerican Invasion5Big US IPA is going to be interestingLorna NasreldinHigh Close Holiday Home Park
DentGolden Fleece3.73 hop varieties give citrus, floral and bitternessBrian dodds and Jeff Hutchinson
DentAviator4Auburn, well balanced and full bodiedRosie RemmerCalor
DentBaas & Stripes4.2American Pale Ale with extra hops!Amos DoronKESWICK BIKES LTD (KMB)
DentRambrau4.5Pilsner inspired, German malts and lager hops mean something for everyoneKarl Blaney
DentEwetopia4.5Amber, fruity bitterness with a toffee malt baseKathrineGlobal wealth management ltd
DentRamsbottom4.5Dried fruit and coffee with a mild bitternessClive ElliottParkway Medical Services Ltd
DentKamikaze5Amber, hints of honey but dry, bitter finishClive ElliottParkway Medical Services Ltd
DentT'Owd Tup6Full flavoured strong stout, raisins and fruit cakeClive ElliottParkway Medical Services Ltd
DerwentCote Light3.6Pale, hoppy with a hit of Amarillo hopsCraigKeswick Superglaze
DerwentCarlisle State Bitter3.7Golden, pleasantly malty session beerCraigKeswick Superglaze
DerwentParsons Pledge4Golden amber, delicate caramel, biscuit bodyColleen Richardson
DerwentDerwent Blonde4.2Lager malt and wheat lead to a dry finishRosie RemmerCalor
DerwentW & M Pale Ale4.4Classic EPA from an old recipeColin Wynne-ParleStitch in Time by Gill
DerwentMutineer4.4Golden amber, hints of caramel from English hops and maltDawn Massey
DerwentSilloth Porter4.5Dark, dark fruits but lightish for a porterStephen Foley
DerwentGrune Point4.6Pale, single Citra hop gives citrus throughoutDaniel RossMYE Group
EdenFuggle3.8Blonde, single malt, single French hopLee RorisonRor Analytics Ltd
EdenBest4Light, Chestnut Best BitterLee RorisonRor Analytics Ltd
EdenCracker4Orange golden, light malts with marmalade undertonesRuth Armstrong
EdenGold4.2Light gold, distinctive hops give citrus tasteRachael MckenzieHunday Manor Hotel
EdenPale4.7Pale, floral aroma with light fruitinessDavid CockbainPremier glass Wigton ltd
EnnerdaleBlonde3.8Gold, fruity with floral hop aromaZoe GreenF & W Green Funeral Directors Ltd
EnnerdaleHorseshoe3.8Deep copper, earthy bitterness and fruity malt bodyIan PLantPWM (Cumbria) Ltd
EnnerdaleDarkest4.2Dark with a definite taste of chocolateB & S HendersonSwinside Inn
EnnerdaleWild4.2Golden amber, wel hopped with 2 English varietiesAndy WallaceKeswick Rugby Club
EnnerdaleTotally Lush IPA4.3Gold, juicy, tropical fruit and mango come from  Mosaic and El Dorado hopsAndy WallaceKeswick Rugby Club
FellGhyll3.7Golden, light fruitinessAndy WallaceKeswick Rugby Club
FellCrag3.8Deep gold, malty northern session bitterJorrit JorritsmaMillican
FellWaimea & Rakau4.3NZ hops blended for citrus, pine and stone fruitsJorrit JorritsmaMillican
FellMilk Stout5.2Dark, malty but a bit sweet from the lactoseMichael ByrneO.S.D. Cobra
FellTinderbox6.3Everything one could want in an IPAZara BaruaBar eS
HandsomeHound4Pale IPA, easy drinkingPeter HarperPodgy Paws
HandsomeStranger4.2Deep amber, floral hop aroma and a clean fruit tasteMichael ByrneO.S.D. Cobra
HandsomeNo. 3 APADeep Blonde ale, Fragrant with a clean tasteJustin Lawrence
HardknottLux Borealis3.8Light in every way with Slovenian Aurora hopsJill BrownThe Solutions Zone
HardknottRagnarokkr7.3Think Norse gods final battle against the giants and add hops and moreKaren MullarkeyKeswick Tourism Association
HawksheadWindermere Pale3.5Very pale, hop character and friuty aromaKevin Chalmers
HawksheadMosaic4Blueberry, tangerine, papaya and a lightly toasted complexityDavid RevittDavid Revitt
HawksheadRed4.2Red ale, bittersweet, rich and fruityRosie RemmerCalor
HawksheadLakeland Gold4.4Golden, well hopped, fruity and bitterAndrew Wetherell
HawksheadBrodies Prime4.9Dark ruby, complex with chocolate and treacle flavoursAndrew Wetherell
Hesket NewmarketSkiddaw Bitter3.6A true,British session beerDonna carmichaelHillhead tearooms and farm shop
Hesket NewmarketHaystacks3.7Refreshing, late hopped for a hint of grapefruitAndrew BezuszkoKeswick Post Office
Hesket NewmarketRed Pike3.8Dark red, malty backbone balanced by the hopsAngela ClarkeThe Chalet Tearooms
Hesket NewmarketHelvellyn Gold4Straw coloured and substantially hoppedMike Bickerstaffe
Hesket NewmarketBrim Fell IPA4.5Light copper, English IPA but with US hopsKen TaylorCrosthwaite Garage
Independent LakelandEntente Cordiale3.9 Pale, Chinook and Aramis hops give a fruity nose from Tractor ShedKevin PepperKeswick Windows
Independent LakelandGoldwing4Golden, nearly dry with delicate citrus aromasMin Grant
Independent LakelandDark Night4.8Deep dark hues and balanced flavours from StrandsAnthony jeanes
JenningsCumberland4Golden, hopped with delicate English hopsDavid JacksonCastlerigg hall Caravan and Camping Park
JenningsCocker Hoop4.6Straw gold, hoppier and more robust from Styrian Golding hopsCarl MaloneyThe Oddfellows Arms
JenningsSneck Lifter5.1Dark, complex flavours on the side of roast maltsAndrew SutcliffeYorkshire Building Services Ltd
KeswickThirst Flight4Light, refreshing ale with light fruit feelRebecca WharmbyKeswick Holidays Ltd
KeswickThirst Blossom4.1Gold, exotic fruit aroma from NZ hopsGraham StephensonCumbrian Newspapers Limited
KeswickPale Ale4.2Pale golden, hoppy with aromas of citrus from 7 US hopsRichard WilkinsonDalkeith Guest House
KeswickQuencher4.3Pale, US and NZ hops so expect everything you wantIain Douglas
KeswickKSB4.8Full malt flavours with notes of roast barleyJulie CloonanTraditional Masonry
Kirkby LonsdaleTiffin Gold3.6Fruity bitter finish with great hop aromasJulie CloonanTraditional Masonry
Kirkby LonsdaleRuskins Bitter3.9Spice and fruit characteristics from Magnum and Brewers Gold hopsMatt BrannanCloudbase Media
Kirkby LonsdaleSingletrack Golden4Deep golden, citrus floral aroma and hoppy mouthfeelRob Cook
Kirkby LonsdalePennine Ambler Amber4.1Amber, nutty citrus aromas and sweet caramel tasteJoanne DavisSunking IT Solutions
Kirkby LonsdaleRadical4.2Ruby red, added sweetness, malty finishAlluwee MooreCowtown Brewing Co
Kirkby LonsdaleMonumental Blonde4.5Golden with distinct floral notes on the nose and mouthPaul TurnbullDavies taxis
Tarn HowsNERPA4.6Rye based New England IPA, pale and flavourfulIan & Karen FinnCrow Park Hotel
Tarn HowsBlueberry Vanilla Oatmeal Stout5Full bodied, moderately hopped with pleasant fruit flavoursCraig Lord
TirrilOriginal3.8Golden nut brown, not too strong a flavourSusan Robinson
TirrilGrasmere Gold3.9A paler session beer with lush, smooth flavours Rosie RemmerCalor
TirrilOld Faithful4A classic blonde ale with Goldings hops for aromaAnthony MurphyMurphys (NW)
Tirril18234.1Darker bitter with flavour but not too heavyAndy CannonKeswick SALSA
TirrilBorrowdale Bitter4.2Golden amber, well hopped for extra biteAnnette HoweThe Lake District Florist
TirrilRed Barn4.4Ruby, fuller flavoured with Goldings hopsKevin McFadyen
Tractor ShedOwd Mowdy4US hop flavour but English strengthKevin McFadyen
Tractor ShedClocker Stout4Dry Irish stout in its proper formKevin McFadyen
UlverstonFlying Elephants3.7Pale gold, soft fruit flavours and a malty finishKevin McFadyen
UlverstonHarvest Moon3.9Gold, almost balanced but slightly maltierTrevor Coucill
UlverstonCelebration3.9Golden,tangy citrus taste followed by a hint of spiceShaun ecclesS & A joinery and building ,fibreglass roofing
UlverstonLaughing Gravy4Light copper, well balanced for malt and hopsDoug HaylerHigh Hill Automotive Limited
UlverstonLonesome Pine4.2Pale honey beer, sweet malts followed by tangy fruitGeraldine EasthamUK Carline Limited
UlverstonFra Diavolo4.3Dark, rich, roasted malts giving chocolate and coffeeJane GraveThe Keswick Reminder
WatermillCollie Wobbles3.7Blonde with a slight citrus taste and dry finishChris Clark
WatermillBlackbeard3.7Dark, but light bodied in flavour with a bittersweet endBarry FitzpatrickBJF Solutions Ltd
WatermillA Bit'er Ruff4.1Copper, with intense bitter hoppinessTim OrwinDog Face
WatermillGolden Retriever4.3Gold, light citrus anf fruit balanceJulie Robson
WatermillRuby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby4.4Ruby, malt aroma but extra bite of hopsJulie Robson
Wild BoarBlonde Boar3.7Low in bitterness, but filled out with NZ hopsDiane ShieldLorton Vale Caravans
Wild BoarMad Pig Bitter4Amber, more malty than balanced, caramel hintsDan Revitt
Abbeydale, S YorksMoonshine4.3Pale Straw colour, Citrus taste, US West Coast hopsSimon CoganLakes & Dales Co-operative
Abbeydale, S YorksAbsolution5.3Mid Straw colour, Toffee apple taste, British hopsAnthony MurphyMurphys (NW)
Anarchy, NorthumbBlonde Star4.1Blonde, lemon and biscuit aroma and pale malt tasteJanet EtherdenHarris Etherden
Anarchy, NorthumbQuiet Riot6.6Brown, South Pacific IPA, expect kiwi fruit and sweet maltsStan AtkinsonAtkinson Joinery Ltd
Ashover, DerbsLittlemore Citra4.1Pale with Citra hops so light and refreshingSimon FoxhallBlue Flame (Cornwall) Ltd
Ashover, DerbsRainbows End4.5Very pale, US hopped with a pronounced citrus flavourNeil T HarveyTynemouth Beer Festival
Black Iris, NottsSnake Eyes3.8Pale yellow, peachy nose and light, mid sweet taste
Black Iris, NottsEndless Summer4.5Golden IPA, grassy nose and citrus flavour. More Mosaic, less Simcoe hopsToni BruceBar Metro
Brewsmiths, GMCascade3.8Ultra pale, session beer fron Cascade hopsSteven YoungerThe Tree on the Hill
Brewsmiths, GMAPA5Medium bodied, passion fruit and pine flavours, Chinook hops and othersLee PostlethwaitePosselectrical Ltd
Burton Bridge, StaffsXL Bitter4Amber, malty beer with Challenger and Target hopsMatther LardnerDickinsons Solicitors
Burton Bridge, StaffsDamson Porter4.5Dark Brown with fruitiness to balance the bitternessRebecca WharmbyKeswick Holidays Ltd
Dark Star, W SussexHophead3.8Pale Gold with floral aroma from the Cascade hopsTim FosterFSC Blencathra Centre
Dark Star, W SussexRevelation5.7Golden with 5 hop varieties. It's hoppyLauren MoodyDodd & Co Limited
Downton, WiltsNew Forest Ale3.8Bronze coloured, roasted malts and aromatic hopsJohn WilsonLake District Paintball
Downton, WiltsNelsons Delight4.5Amber in colour, flavours of dark rum add sweetnessKarl Blaney
East LondonNightwatchman4.5Rich chestnut colour, red fruits and biscuits aboundAngus WightmanKings Church
East LondonJamboree4.8Golden with apricot notes from Bramling Cross hopsMike AtkinsonLow Briery
Fernandes, W YorksSwift One3.8Gold, light with a peppery finishBrian Roper
Fernandes, W YorksChoc & Cherry Stout4.5Dark, fruit flavour comes throughMartyn mawsonHighside B&B
Fuggle Bunny, S YorksOh Crumbs3.8Amber, cedar and pind followed by caramel and biscuitAdrian BiggsAcorn Industrial Services
Fuggle Bunny, S YorksJammy Dodger4.5Ruby ale, blackcurrant, liquorice and caramel throughoutGary QuigleyThe Loft
Glamorgan, GlamCwrw Gorslas4Chestnut colour, spicesa and resin nose with biscuit taste from 3 hopsAlan DuffDraper Fire Security
Glamorgan, GlamThunderbird4.5Dark IPA with berry aroma and malty taste. 4 hops including RakauDiana SmalleyBrockbanks Solicitors
Goose Eye, W YorksGoose Eye Bitter3.9Deep golden, malty with hop hint finish Dale JacksonDJ Web Designs
Goose Eye, W YorksGolden Goose4.5Golden, fruity hop aroma and bitter finishChris
Lymestone, StaffsStone Faced4Amber, smell hops and toffee, taste fruit and spiceRichard ChadwickAirway Solutions
Lymestone, StaffsFoundation Stone4.5Pale Gold, elderflower nose and citrus tasteSteve Clark
Magpie, NottsThieving Rogue4.5Straw colour, fruity and floralNeels FerreiraLake District Hotels
Magpie, NottsMidnight Porter5Ruby, coffee, port and raisins throughoutGarry PriceLake District Hotels
Mallinsons, W YorksVic Secret3.9Blonde, fruit and pine becomes dry and hoppy. Oz single hopDavid GreenwellShortridge Laundry
Mallinsons, W YorksSN505Mid gold, fruity, bitter taste. US Citra and Centennial hopsWayne Cartmell
Naylors, W YorksBitter3.8Copper, delicate aroma. Cascade and Perle hopsKelvyn SheppardJenkin Hill Internet
Naylors, W YorksBlack & Tan4.4Deep brown, crossbreed bitter and porterLindsey BerryLakeSide House Trading Ltd
Nottingham, NottsEPA4.2Light, fragrant hop finishJacob TonkinTonkin Massage Therapies
Nottingham, NottsDreadnought4.5Rich ruby, full of malt and hopsTurkel mustafaSafehands personal safety and physical intervention training
Prospect, LancsPioneer4Amber, toffee and bittersweet balanceSimon HodgsonIsaac & Robin Hodgson Ltd
Prospect, LancsGold Rush4.5Deep gold, hoppy with hints of grassPaul ZanelliLakelovers
RevolutionCandidate3.9Pale Ale, expect floral,citrus and mint from US Pekko hopsTav KellyK E Adventure
RevolutionClash Porter4.5Dark with a complex malt profile and smooth finishChris EdwardsAcorn House
Riverhead, W YorksHappy Valley4Pale, US hopped session beerChris EdwardsAcorn House
Riverhead, W YorksRedbrook Premium5.5Red brown, malty English Old AleRebecca WharmbyKeswick Holidays Ltd
Saltaire, W YorksOnyx3.8Black IPA, mixes dark malts with tropical fruitHugh PriceTynemouth Lodge Hotel
Saltaire, W YorksCascade Pale4.8Golden APA. Cascade and Centennial hopsDavid PatonDidsbury Old Boys
Spitting Feathers, ChesThirst Quencher3.9Pale gold, light and hoppyStewart BlayneyTall Trees
Spitting Feathers, ChesEmpire IPA5.2Light Amber, straw and caramel aroma, biscuity tasteSimone taylorGolden Lion
St. Andrews, FifeFife Gold4.2Gold, floral aroma and citrus taste from Mount Hood, Target and Admiral hopsLinda LambBurns Farm
St. Andrews, FifeIPA5Deep copper, malty IPA with 5 US hopsAndrea SouthwardInglewood Farms Ltd
Stockport, GMGinger Tinge4.2Copper, old fashioned Ginger BeerJonathan CraghillTemple Sports
Stockport, GMStock Porter4.8Deep red, liquorice, chocolate and coffee notesGayle FramptonDerwentwater Hotel and Manor
Titanic, StaffsLifeboat4Red brown, fruity and malty
Titanic, StaffsWhite Star4.5Pale amber, honey and hop aroma, fruit and malt taste
Vocation, W YorksBread & Butter3.9Pale, US hops give pine and citrus notes
Vocation, W YorksHeart & Soul4.4Gold, US hops give passionfruit, gooseberry and mango
White Horse, OxonVillage Idiot4.1Gold, tonnes of hops over pale malt and wheat
White Horse, OxonWayland Smithy4.4Red ale, sweet scents with a light bitter taste
Wincle, ChesRambler4Light amber, Bramling Cross hops give a malt and autumn fruit flavour
Wincle, ChesSir Phillip4.2Amber, light malty overtones from Fuggles and Target hops
Yorkshire Heart, N YorksOff The Wheaten Track3.5Golden, easy drinking. GLUTEN FREE
Yorkshire Heart, N YorksJRT Golden Best4.2Dark gold, with caramel and citrus flavours
146 Cider Co, HampsEastern Delight7.1Medium, light and fruity from dessert and culinary apples
Beard & Sabre, GloucsYardarm5.5Med Dry to Medium, smooth and easy drinking
Bottle Kicking, LeicsPineapple, Peach & Passionfruit4Guess what - It's Fruity
Bottle Kicking, LeicsRambler6Medium Sweet, think Bramley apples and hay meadows
Broadoaks, SomRum & Raisin4Like the Ice-cream but with Cider!!!
Broadoaks, SomSloe Gin4Sweet cider with Sloe Gin in itAlan TaylorDream Team
Celtic Marches, HereCherry4Take a cider and add cherries. Simples
Celtic Marches, HereCracklin' Rosie4.5Medium Perry, light and delicate
Cockeyed, DevMad Jack5Dry clear cider with a refreshing, crisp taste
Cornwall, CornLyonesse5Medium Dry and still
Cornwall, CornSlayer5.7Medium and still
Dorset Nectar, DorWildcat5Medium, organic and lightly sparklingJorrit JorritsmaMillican
Handmade, WiltsCrazy Diamond6.8Medium Sweet, using bittersweet apples for depthJanet EtherdenHarris Etherden
Harrys, SomRaspberry & Blackcurrant4Dirty Harry, a refreshing combinationRebecca WharmbyKeswick Holidays Ltd
Lilleys, SomStrawberry4Kats favourite back again, be quickKat HaleKat's Kitchen
Pulp, W YorksRhubarb4By 'Eck, that's from up north
South Downs, SussexApple Cider4.5Dry, Eastern style with pineappley aroma
South Downs, SussexSucker Punch6.1Medium, from apples with a high sugar contentYarm Lads On Tour!
Tiny Rebel, WarksProtanopia6Medium, red tinted, rounded tannic cider
Tiny Rebel, WarksPeariscope4.8Perry, sweet, mildly floral, hints of honey
Ty Gwyn, MonmouthFestival Ferret6.5Medium, still, golden ciderSean
Tutts Clump, BerksCranberry4Medium sweet with real cranberries
Tutts Clump, BerksMango4Medium sweet with , you know, mangoes
Ventons, DevApple Vice6Medium, straw-pressed with vintage Devon applesKarl Blaney
Walkmill, D & GClan MacFannie Irn Bru4Sweet and slightly orange. It's mine!
West Milton, DorMidnight Stumbler6Medium from traditional Dorset apples
Wise Owl, KentTraditional6Medium, judged best by cider makersAlan TaylorDream Team
Worleys, SomBeatnik Billy5.5Sweet with a powerful fruity flavour
Worleys, SomMendip Hills6.4Sweetish like a spicy apple pie
Thatchers, SomGold4.8Medium, golden ciderAdam BlayneyJubilee Street
Tractor ShedJinny Howelt Helles4.8Munich inspired, bright and golden
Tractor ShedWhistling Pig Pilsner5Lager malt, Czech hops, Lakeland water
Tractor ShedHeifer Hefe5Naturally cloudy, unfiltered wheat beerGraeme MitchellTractor Shed Brewing

Thanks to all our sponsors for 2017

Click HERE to download a list of the Keswick Beer Festival 2017 Beers and Sponsors.

Thanks to all our sponsors for the year before that – 2016

Click HERE to download a list of the Keswick Beer Festival 2016 Beers and Sponsors or see below for the complete list in a table.