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For all those Keswick Beer Festival fans who’d like to know one of our BIG SECRETS….

How do we go about choosing our Beers and Ciders??

The man who has this incredibly enviable task is Nigel our Chairman who not surprisingly keeps this job ALL to himself and he takes all year tasting and deciding.

So when Nigel eventually decided to interrupt his busy beer tasting schedule and give us an interview he (reluctantly) shared the following TOP SECRETS.

For beers I try create a balance of 2/3 of beers from local Cumbrian Beers and the other 1/3 from anywhere in the UK, so as to give some our our Cumbrians regulars who don’t get out much (like me) a chance to see what else is going on in the big wide world! There will always be a place for our most popular KBF favourite Cumbrian Ales such as Coniston Bluebird and Loweswater Gold (amongst others) and I also try and choose as many new local beers as possible.

Cider choices are far more difficult, I basically try and get any new ciders on the market to Keswick Beer Festival.

Of course I rigorously taste ALL the beers AND ciders and no you can’t see my tasting notes!

Thanks Nigel! Tough job but someone has to do it!

The beer sponsors for the 2019 festival will appear here.

Thanks to all our sponsors for 2018

Click HERE to download a list of the Keswick Beer Festival 2018 Beers and Sponsors.